who we are and how we have done it so far

Dream to Provide Quality Education SSR College was inaugurated in 2008 with the dream to bring quality education to the society and to become a premier institute for grooming the academia. This College was established under Shri Sant Ram (SSR) Memorial Education and Welfare Society Regd. In Karnal under the farsightedness of its Patron, Sh. Ashwani Kumar Bhardwaj, who is also a renowned Academician.

Right to Education
As we all know that Education plays an extreme vital role in the life of every human being. It is a fundamental right (Right to Education) in our Democracy. Education holds the key to economic growth, social transformation, modernization integration. The National policy on Education formulated in 1986 and modified in 1992 aims to provide education of a comparable quality up to a given level to all students. Thus our college is determined to provide the quality education to the future teachers. With the correct mix of technology and human touch we empower the aspiring teachers to propagate education through the rungs of the society so that they serve the nation while making a satisfying career for themselves.
SSR College of Education, Karnal is a pioneer institute for Teacher Training with its students enmarking its presence in the society through various academics and curricular achievements within a very short span of its existence. It is the hard and smart work of the Faculty and staff in coordination with management that this college has created a unique presence in the social and academic society.

The venerable founder Sh. Ashwani K. Bhardwaj and Smt. Shanta Bhardwaj, take on the nerves of our education system as they realized that the future of the country lies in the quality education and training of the teachers and teacher educators. Thus this institution stands for the noble cause of reshaping and transforming the Indian society through quality teacher education. So, the College is dedicated to maintain the ideals of its founders and strives to provide the best education to the society.